Preparing for Summer

— Written By N.C. Cooperative Extension

Each season is special and unique; summer is no exception. The Caldwell County 4-H Youth Development office has been a flurry of excitement as parents enroll their children in Summer Exploring day camps. We have enjoyed meeting new families and welcoming back returning campers.

attached photo taken August 2014 by Darlene Berry at Grayson Highlands State Park, VA

attached photo taken August 2014 by Darlene Berry at Grayson Highlands State Park, VA

Our days have been filled with excited anticipation and you have brought back many special memories from last year.

The recent change in the weather has re-awakened me to the possibilities of summer. It is impossible to design summer experiences for children without being flooded with wonderful childhood memories of summer. New friendships are easier when we are playing together. There are no performance or learning scores during the summer. The food often comes from the garden, off the grill, or out of a picnic basket. Learning happens through experience. Summer usually involves more water and a rain shower adds to the adventure. Summer reading is just for us and thanks to authors like Gary Paulsen we can all take a ‘Road Trip.’

I hope you are recalling your own favorite summer memories and thinking creatively about opportunities for your children’s summer memory making. A keen eye will identify great town and neighborhood parks, green spaces, and water access. There are a number of quality summer programs for children of all ages. We have a library system accessible throughout the county. Most importantly, we are equipped with our memories of what summer can be. Author, Brielle A. Marion writes, “There are two times in a person’s life when there is the possibility of pure happiness: in youth and in summer.”  The beauty of this means there is an opportunity for pure happiness awaiting us all.