BOLO for the Cereal Leaf Beetle and Small Grain Diseases.

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Caldwell Wheat Farmers, be on the look out for cereal leaf beetle (CLB) and small grain diseases.

About 1 year out of 10 we have problems with CLB in the spring. Scouting is fairly easy, if you need help I’m happy to assist. Below is a link to wheat insects pests for additional info.

The eastern side of the state is seeing issues with downy mildew as well as both leaf and stripe rust. I don’t expect we will have these issues in Caldwell County. However, the best way to prevent these diseases is to plant resistant varieties. I’ve included a link below that lists common NC wheat varieties and their pest resistance. I’ve also included a link to a video about rusts.

I should mention that our number one wheat problem in Caldwell County is head scab. This disease gets started during flowering. It has caused us more pain than all the other small grain insects and diseases combined since I have been in Caldwell County. If you want a good refresher about head scab go to ( and watch the 5 minute video. Penn State U. has a scab forecasting model that includes North Carolina. You may find it interesting and helpful ( Even though some fungicides are listed for head scab, the timing is critical as well as the nozzle configuration. The best fungicide applications only reduce head scab by 50% or less. Adjusting the combine during harvest to blow out the light weight diseased kernels is the best approach for us at this point.

Hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions. – Seth

Wheat Variety Performance –

Leaf Rust (video) –

Insect Pest Management for Small Grains –