Square Foot Gardening with Caldwell County Master Gardeners

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Looking for a simple way to grow lots of produce in a small space? Check out this video on square-foot gardening made by Master Gardener℠ Volunteers Ellen Roberts and Lynda Campbell and The City of Lenoir’s Public Information Officer Joshua Harris:
Square-foot gardening is method of deisgning a vegetable garden to be productive, organized, and attractive. Typically done in raised beds, square-foot gardens subdivide the planting bed into 1’x1′ sections, each of which is dedicated to one type of plant such as lettuce or tomatoes. Larger plants like tomatoes may only have one plant per square foot, whereas smaller plants like carrots or radishes have more in each square.
Ellen Roberts and other Master Gardener℠ Volunteers are managing a square-foot garden demonstration bed at Unity Park and Community Gardens in Lenoir this year. Check our monthly updates and website for opportunities to visit their bed once gardening season is in full-swing.