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Caldwell Local Food Guide

The Caldwell County Local Food Guide helps you connect with local growers and food artisans in the community. This guide is broken up into Local Food By AppointmentOther Local Farms and Food Businesses, and Farm Stands.

Local Food By Appointment

  • Angley Creek Farm
    Ted George
    828.754.3641 or
    241 Roberts Lane, Lenoir, NC 28645
    Grass Fed Beef from Hibriten Mountain raised on pastures fed by Angley Creek. Belted Galloway Herd and Belted Galloway Angus Mix which results in a lean beef product great for grilling! Belted Galloway Cows are often called “oreo cows” as they have a white belt. Breed is of Scottish origin and is known for foraging skills of the Scottish Highlands. Beef is USDA inspected and packaged in nearby county, sold frozen in pressure wrapped packs per pound. Whole animals are available by arrangement. Will trade heifers for purebred breeding stock. Bull is registered with Belted Galloway Society.Beef- grass fed, no antibiotics, lean. By the pound.
    Pick up at farm by arrangement. Will be at Lenoir Farmer’s Market. Call and leave a message.
  • Angela’s Cut Flowers
    5399 Sheriffs Rd, Lenoir, NC 28645
    Home grown flash cut flowers/bouquet, cucumbers, melons, and vegetables.
    Products for sale: Flash cut flowers/bouquet. asian cucumber, korean melons, pumpkins/pumpkin tips, squash/squash tips, snow peas, green beans, cilantro, cassava leaf and tips, lemongrass, and eggplants.
    Will pick up your order from the farm.
  • Products found at the farm or Caldwell County Farmers Market
  • Happy Valley Farms
    Jesse Plaster, 828-230-1726
    4283 Holly Lodge Place, Lenoir, NC 28645
    We raise heritage-breed hogs that are known for their exceptional meat quality and ability to thrive on pasture. Our hogs receive brewers grain and fresh vegetables to supplement their diet of grains and pasture, making them some of the happiest, healthiest and liveliest pigs to be found. We will be licensed to sell our homemade sausage in 2017.
    Products for sale: pasture-raised pork, homemade sausage, pasture-raised eggs
    Sell by appointment
  • Snyder Family Farm
    Shane Snyder
    4177 Blue Dove Lane, Granite Falls, NC 28630
    All grass feed and finished
    At the farm
  • Thankful Fork Farm
    James Davis
    2868 Collettsville Rd/ call first
    Seasonal produce
    Products for sale: Variety of produce
    Products found at the farm/farm stand

Other Local Farms and Food Businesses

  • Foggy Mountain Pasta
    (828) 278-8244
    4283 Holly Lodge Place, Lenoir, NC 28645
    Instagram: foggymountainpasta FB: FoggyMountainPasta
    Artisan handmade pasta from scratch with only local or organic ingredients.
    Products for sale: Pasta – fresh, stuffed, and more. Custom orders possible
    Products found at Hickory Downtown Farmer Market (Wednesdays and Saturdays), Watauga Farmers Market (Saturdays), Check for updates and more information.
  • Bee Kind Family Farm
    Robert and Jaime Cool
    We are a small sustainable family farm located in the Grandfather District of the Pisgah National Forest. We specialize in raw honey, with a focus on natural beekeeping and sustainable practices. We also sell produce, eggs, and handcrafted soaps made with our honey and beeswax.
    Products for sale: Raw honey, infused honey, cold process soaps, produce, eggs, heirloom vegetable starts.
    Products found at Blowing Rock Farmers Market, Hickory Farmers Market, Coffey’s General Store.
  • Essie & Olive
    David Talbert
    104 Main St. NW, Lenoir, NC 28645
    We make delicious, all natural, uniquely flavored ice pops with a “local first” rule of sourcing our ingredients. This rule is merely one facet of our larger, community-focused philosophy. Our approach to quality and flavor creation is inspired by the countless food memories of growing up in our mothers’ and grandmothers’ kitchens, in addition to flavors from around the world.
    Products for sale: Artisan Ice Pops
    Products found at The Pop Shop at Essie & Olive at 104 Main St, Lenoir(open M-Th 11:00-6:00 and Fri.-Sat. 11:00-8:00), The Downtown Hickory Farmers’ Market (Wed. & Sat.), The Watauga County Farmers’ Market in Boone (Sat.), and The J&A General Store in Lenoir.
  • New Life Farm
    Cory Bryk
    5780 Mulberry Church Road, Lenoir, NC 28645 or
    New Life Farm is a first generation family farm dedicated to producing food that is beneficial for people’s health and the environment where the food is produced. The farm is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, between Boone and Lenoir, North Carolina. What started as our family’s means to provide itself with access to fresh, quality, and nutritious food evolved into a farm business that seeks to solve economic, environmental, and social issues through the ethical production of wholesome food.
    Products for sale: Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Meats, including Pork, Chicken, and Turkey. We also grow a variety of non-certified organic produce.
    Products found at Watauga County Farmer’s Market, CSA
  • Ensley Farm
    Dare Ensley
    3667 Hollywood Ridge Rd, Lenoir NC 28645
    Produce Farm- fruits and vegetables for farmers’ market
    Products for sale: Tomato, squash, corn, beans, lettuce
    Products found at Caldwell County Farmers Market
  • Kingsfield Farms
    Ryan and Sarah Marie
    4650 Victor Roberts Lane, Lenoir. NC 28645
    Kingsfield Farms has been our 23-acre homestead since we moved to North Carolina in 2015. Here we are blessed with the opportunity to use our land to provide for our family and offer home-grown and hand-made products to our new community. We look forward to getting to know you, our neighbors.
    Products for sale: We offer home-grown vegetables, herbs and cut flowers. As our orchard matures, we will be able to offer a variety of fruits. When we’re not in the gardens, we love to rediscover, remake and renew forgotten or discarded items. There’s always a unique new piece being worked on at Kingsfield Farms, from furniture to mosaic art!
    Products found at  the Wilkesboro Open Air Market, Sawmills Farmers’ Market, and Caldwell County Farmers’ Market. Our hand-made items are available at The Rusty Rooster in downtown Lenoir. Contact us or visit our Facebook page for our up-to-date market schedule or to inquire about special-order pieces.
  • Jed’s Garden
    Just a local grown garden trying to make the place a permaculture homestead
    Products for sale: tomatoes, turnip greens, beginning in July
    Products found at Sawmills Farmers Market

Farm Stands

      • Ample Acre Farm
        3435 Coy Miller Road, Lenoir NC 28645
      • Open daily, 10 a.m.- 7 p.m., May-December
        Small scale family farm with a diverse selection of vegetables grown with sustainable practices.
        Products for sale: Vegetables, berries, cut flowers
        Also found at Blowing Rock Farmer’s Market
      • Little River Acres
        6225 Millpond Rd. Lenoir, NC 28645
        We are a local grower providing abundant health straight from the garden to you.
        Products for sale: We have a variety of cut flowers, fruits, veggies and herbs.
      • Sloane’s Pick Your Own Blueberries
        Sam Erby
        828-244-7803 cell or 828-396-5908 Home
        11 Providence St., Granite Falls, NC 28630
        Organic blueberries for granddaughter college fund ( Sloane )
        Products for sale: Blueberries

**If your Caldwell County farm or local food business is not listed here and you would like it to be, please send an email to with relevant information about your farm. Please note that we are prioritizing farms and food businesses that sell Caldwell-grown products.**