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Par 2012

Fall 2012 Update:

Harvest, soil preparation, and a fall vegetable garden seem to say it all. To date our greatest celebrations included a visit from Ms. Heather Burgiss and Photographer Jerome from UNC-TV, and another visit from Mr. Anderson and his wonderful tractor!

Whitnel School Garden Program - Wrap Around Program

Apples for the Wrap Around Program at Whitnel Elementary School.

Tuesday October 9, 2012 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. we will be cooking and serving a variety of homemade potato chips at Sawmills Farmers Market. Please come by and try a sample of chips from locally grown potatoes of all colors and varieties. This will be a special event day at market with music by Bob Henson and samples from other vendors.

If you are not planting a fall garden, please be thinking about building your soil and composting your leaves. If you are just getting started, fall is the best time to begin preparing for a garden.

If you find yourself being given a vegetable that you are not familiar with, we recommend these two sites for some tasty recipes and useful information: and

Looking ahead: in our next update we will share the produce donation totals from South Caldwell and Yokefellow Christian Ministries. Last year 10,000 pounds was donated. Do you want to take a guess at this year’s total? Submit your answers to Daniela Berry at

Summer 2012 Update:
Spring Planting leads to Summer Harvest for Caldwell 4-H Plant a Row

Whitnel Elementary School Wraparound Gardeners, staff, and volunteers deliver potatoes to Ms. Betty Myers at South Caldwell Christian Ministries, Granite Falls, NC.

Whitnel Elementary School Wraparound Gardeners, staff, and volunteers deliver potatoes to Ms. Betty Myers at South Caldwell Christian Ministries, Granite Falls, NC.

Spring was filled with lots of plant deliveries, planting, and fun Tuesdays at  Sawmills Farmers Market. Thank you for using Caldwell 4-H PAR as your summer vegetable plant source. The vast majority of our plants were donated to food pantry families, church gardens, school gardens, community gardens, Habitat Homeowners, and Caldwell Correctional Center. If you purchased plants from us, you helped make all these donations possible. We moved nearly 3,500 plants into Caldwell Co. gardens! Thank you!

The Whitnel Elementary School Wraparound Garden is thriving under the care and attention of its gardeners. We have enjoyed lots of squash,  cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and green beans. Through some special partnerships we had a big potato harvest on the site of the Sawmills Farmers Market. To view photos from this harvest, you may visit The Town of Sawmills on Facebook and view the June 26, 2012 entry.

Summertime means there is still lots of harvesting, planting, and soil building to be done. We have already received a generous seed donation for the 2012-2013 growing season. If you would like seeds to participate in planting a row for the hungry please call Daniela Berry at 726-1914 or Here is a helpful vegetable garden planning guide:

Spring 2012 Update

It is really here; and isn’t it spectacular? This is an exciting time for 4-H Plant a Row. Spring gardens are planted and some harvesting has begun. There are many gardens around the county focused on increasing food security. We continue to network and partner with families, schools, churches, and wraparound programs. We have cold frames, greenhouses, and backyard gardeners growing plants for sale and donation. As you plan your garden, please consider using 4-H PAR as your plant source. Please visit us at Unity Park and Community Gardens, Garden Party on May 5, 2012 and Sawmills Farmers Market, Tuesdays from 3-7 p.m. in May. If you would like to arrange an individual sale, please contact Daniela Berry at 828.726.1914 or

If you are new to gardening and would like support, education, and technical assistance we recommend Caldwell Cooperative Extension Service; Community Gardening by calling Vital Link 1 828.757.6162; the Lenoir Family Food Initiative, Garden Demonstration Event  on April 21, 2012 at Unitarian Universalist Church

Daniela Berry