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Summer Camp in Words

2015 Summer

JUNE 13 -- SUMMER EXPLORING KICK OFF Ages: All Time: June 7, 10am -€“ 12pm Cost: Free Limit: None Are you interested in learning more about Caldwell County 4-H and Caldwell Public Library's summer programs? The theme is Hero and the focus is Super! Come meet the 4-H staff and junior leaders. Free activities for families with children of all ages. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JUNE 15-17-- CLOVERBUD CAMP Ages: 5-8 Time: M-W 9-12:30 pm Cost: $50 Limit: 12 Join us as we hike, fish, canoe, ride horses, make nature crafts, enjoy making new friends, and explore the creek at the primitive camp of Anita Alta, 2929 Mulberry Creek Rd., Lenoir. Parents will provide transport to site. This is a great beginning outdoor nature day camp experience with lots of variety and opportunities to learn while making new friends. Instructors: 4-H staff, volunteers, and Junior leaders. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JUNE 15-18-- JUNIOR CAMP* Ages 9-13 Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm Cost: $90 Limit: 14 Join us for four days of outdoor nature day camp at the primitive camp of Anita Alta.  We will enjoy a variety of activities and learning opportunities including canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, guided nature hikes, entomology, and nature crafts.  The adventure awaits. Parents transport to Cooperative Extension office. Instructors:  Cooperative Extension staff, volunteers and junior leaders. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JUNE 22 - SLIMY SCIENCE  Ages 5-8  Time: 8:30-12:30 pm Cost: $10 Limit: 15 This day camp for young campers is all about getting your hands dirty with great science experiments!  We will be making quick sand, play dough, oobleck and much more.  Join us for a fun day of science play at the Cooperative Extension office. Water and snack will be provided. Instructors:  4-H Program Assistant, Lisa Deal and Junior leaders 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JUNE 23-26  GIRLS IN THE WOODS* Ages 9-13 Time: Tues. 8:00 am-Thursday 4:00 pm Cost: $100 Limit: 8 Calling all girls, this is our adventure!  Beautiful hikes, wild   ponies, salamanders, nature crafts, camp fires, and two nights in the bunkhouse at Grayson Highlands State Park (GHSP) Mouth of Wilson, Va.  Sleeping bags are required and a packing list will be shared with all who register. Instructors: 4-H Agent, Darlene Berry, 4-H volunteers, and the Education Rangers at GHSP. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JULY 6-7   HORSEMANSHIP CLINIC* Ages 10-14 Time: 8:00 am-3:00 pm Cost: Free Limit: 13 Join us for two days of horsemanship.  On Monday, we will learn many things about our horses from Robbie Potter, Mitchell County 4-H Agent and Horsemanship clinician at Mimosa Hills Farm in Morganton.  On Tuesday, we will learn about mules and gaited horses. We will transition out of the heat in the afternoons to study Hippology (the study of horses) on Monday and play in the creek on Tuesday. Participants need to bring a lunch and water bottle each day; and water clothes/shoes on Tuesday.  Transportation will be provided by the staff from the Cooperative Extension office. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JULY 8-10   MAKING CONNECTIONS* Ages 9-13 Time: 8-4 pm Cost: $ 70 Limit: 11 This is a special camp to connect us with your roots, traditions, and practices.  We will visit a blacksmith, hike Linville Falls, explore milling, and harvest potatoes without a tractor! Friday will include a special cook out lunch with potatoes from the harvest. Meet at the Cooperative Extension office. Instructors: Ms. Darlene Berry, 4-H Agent, Volunteer, Mr.  Kevin Williams, local artisans/heritage crafters, mill owners, farmers, and 4-H Junior Leaders. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JULY 10-11       NC BLACKBERRY FESTIVAL* Ages: 8 and Over Time: Friday 12:30-4:00 pm; Saturday 11:45 am -12:45 pm Cost:Free Limit: 15 Join us in the Cooperative Extension kitchen to prepare cobbler for Saturday’s festival.  The blackberry cobbler kit will be waiting for you to create and bake while you learn about blackberries.  Participants are expected to participate in the parade and creation of the patchwork cobbler on Saturday, July 11th at the festival with their families (meet at Anything Office.) Instructors: Ms. Lisa Deal, 4-H Program Assistant and volunteers. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JULY 13-15       OLD MAC SNYDER HAS A FARM Ages 5-8 Time: 8 am-12:30 pm Cost: $50 Limit: 12 This special camp will introduce youth to a Dudley Shoals family farm.  We will answer the important questions...who lives on this farm? and what do they need from us? EIEIO Campers will travel to the farm from the Cooperative Extension office. Instructors: The Snyder Family, 4-H Program Assistant, Lisa Deal ,and Junior Leaders. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JULY 16      BEAT THE HEAT HIKE *  (CAMP IS NOW FULL) Age 9-13 Time: 8-6 pm Cost: $15.00 Limit: 11 Discover all that a change in elevation makes at Grayson Highlands State Park, VA.  Campers should be prepared for a 3-4 miles of hiking, creek stomping, salamander exploration and a pinnacle experience.  Meet at the Cooperative Extension office. Pack a hearty lunch, beverages, and proper shoes.  Extra water and snacks will be provided. Instructors: GHSP Ranger, 4-H Agent, Darlene Berry, and volunteers. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JULY 17-18 TRAILS AND TALES* Ages: 9 &  up Time: 8:30 am-2 pm Cost: $65 Limit: 10 Learn horseback rail riding techniques of Friday and enjoy a genuine trail ride on Saturday.  Youth will learn guiding techniques, over and under  riding techniques, and how to maneuver obstacles.  We will journal and take lots of pictures to tell our tale.  Riding experience preferred. Helmets and horses provided. Meet at the Cooperative Extension office. Instructors:  Ms. Lisa  Deal, 4-H Program Assistant, volunteers, and junior leaders. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JULY 20-23 LETS GO CAMPING* Ages: 9 & up Time: Mon: 8 am-3 pm , Tues 8 am-Thurs 7 pm Cost: $100 Limit: 10 Whether you have camping experience or not; this is all about the camp out! Monday we will have day camp to plan, gather our supplies, and pack for a two night tent camping experience at Moravian Falls Campground: fishing, hiking, field games, creek exploration, nature crafts, campfires, and memory making! Parents are our special guests at the final cookout Thursday evening at 5:30 pm. Campers will go home from the campground with their parents. Instructors: 4-H staff, Volunteers, and  Junior Leaders in training. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JULY 24th  CLOVERBUD HORSE CAMP Ages: 5-8 Time: 8:30 am -12 pm Cost: $30 Limit: 10 Especially designed for younger children. Come meet our herd at Whispering Wynd Farm in Sawmills, and  learn a little bit about each horse through hands-on activities including brushing, bathing, and braiding. There’ll be pony rides, games, and obstacle courses on horseback. Kids will create art inspired by the day and their favorite horse.—Parents will provide transportation to and from Whispering Wynd Farm Snacks and water will be provided. Helmets will be provided while on horseback. Proper footwear is required: no sandals or open-toed shoes. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package JULY 27 - 31      NATURE AND NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP* Ages: 9 and up Time: 9:00 - 3:30    Cost: $125  Limit: 24  Location: The Coves at Round Mountain, Collettsville This camp combines adventures in Nature and Natural Horsemanship.  Our days will be filled with a variety of activities involving nature, horses, music and art. Experienced horse owners and riders will guide campers through riding lessons and learning about horse care, feeding, grooming, bathing, tack, safety. Our adventures in Nature will include hiking, identifying plants and trees, wading in the creeks and creating artistic “creek towers”, trail rides, learning basic first aid for trail riding and hiking, and creating art from nature. There’ll be music, sing-alongs, and games too. Campers must wear /bring footwear for horses, hiking, and water. Bring snacks, lunch, and plenty of water. Helmets are required when on horseback and will be provided. Please pack extra shoes and a towel.  Parents will drop off and pick up campers at the Extension office or Colletsville Park depending on your  residence 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package AUG 3-4    BOOTS AND BITS Ages 5-10 Time: 6 pm-8:30 pm Cost: $35 Limit: 16 Join us at Second Chance Ranch off Union Grove Rd., Lenoir. Come and spend the evening with our horses.  We will pick one just for you and a friend! Learn how to care for your horse by bathing, grooming, feeding, saddling, and riding. We will have snacks and do crafts together too.  This camp is for all riding abilities including beginners. Instructors: 4-H Saddleclub Leaders and Volunteers 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package AUG 3-8    FARM TO FORK EXTRAVAGANZA* Ages: 9-13 Time: 8 am -4 pm M-Th,  Friday 8 am-6:30 pm, Camper family dinner Friday at 5 pm Cost: $120(ask about sibling pricing) Limit: 10 This special week will bring all the elements of cooking, community, and farming together.  We have a full dinner menu planned and will connect with the ingredients and their sources throughout the week.  This week’s journey will bring us across Caldwell and neighboring counties.  Camp will begin and conclude at the Cooperative Extension office daily. Instructors: 4-H Staff,  Junior Leaders, Special Instructors, and Farmers 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package AUG 10-14      NATURAL RESOURCE CONSERVATION (NRC) Week* Ages: 9-13 Time: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Cost: $100 Limit: 10 Fishing and NRC!  Join us as we learn about natural resource conservation. Maybe you are wondering, what are our natural resources?  Our activities and learning will include every natural resource (SWAPA).  Come and explore with us as we learn.  You may bring your own fishing pole or use one of ours. Camp will begin and conclude at the Cooperative Extension office daily. Instructor: 4-H and Soil and Water Conservation Staff, Junior Leaders, and Environmental Stewards. 2015 4-H Registration Form 4-H-Enrollment-Package  * Events requiring a packed lunch and beverage

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NC food processing and manufacturing initiative feasiblity study released The agricultural resources, industrial capacity and research innovation assets present in North Carolina create opportunities to catalyze development of value-added food processing and manufacturing businesses, according to a joint NC State-NCDA&CS economic feasibity study released Jan. 12. One page summary of the Initiative View the Full Report

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