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4HOnline Enrollment


For families with an existing 4HOnline account, review and update information through the  re-enrollment process. Scroll down to read more about it.

Hi 4-H Family,

4HOnline is . . . The OFFICIAL North Carolina 4-H Youth Development Program database for enrolled 4-H members and volunteers. This system works as a partnership between the 4-H family and the Cooperative Extension Service to manage the 4-H enrollment process and distribute important information to you. By allowing you access you can update your club and project information as well as personal information (email, home address, and phone). This will ensure that you are properly enrolled in the county program and receive important news and updates such as newsletters, deadline information, and leadership opportunities.


Who Needs to Enroll in 4HOnline?

All active North Carolina 4-H youth members and volunteers.

What Do I Need to Enroll?

To enroll through the 4HOnline system, you need a computer or tablet, Internet access, a valid email address, and a web browser. Suggested web browsers are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. *Internet Explorer is not compatible with the 4HOnline website.

Where Do I Enroll?

Enrolling is simple through the website: 4HOnline.

Follow the steps /prompts given on each page (anything in bold or with a red asterisk is required). Here’s a PDF that will walk you through the general enrollment steps. Many families have said they find the PDF helpful. Please reference it prior to contacting the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Caldwell County Center. So, feel free to log-on now and enroll. – OR – If you’d like more information before proceeding into the 4HOnline System . . . keep reading.

More About 4HOnline & Security

4HOnline is a data management and enrollment system that is currently being used in 46 states. 4HOnline is a secured database that is in compliance with the PCI Security Standards Council. The North Carolina 4-H Youth Development Program, NC State University, and the 4HOnline program developers have worked together to monitor and ensure that the system provides the highest level of protection for information stored in the program. North Carolina 4-H, NC State University, and 4HOnline do not share or sell any personal information to third party vendors without your knowledge or permission.

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Creating a New Family Profile

Please only create a new family profile when none exist for your family already. When you set up your family profile you will need to complete the following required fields:

  • Denote if you belong to or are affiliated with a Military 4-H Club, Select Your Primary *County of Participation, Email, Last Name, and you will need to create an Account Password. *Youth members who participate in more than one county 4-H program can have additional counties added once their family profile is established.
  • Once you’ve created your Family Profile you will have the option to “Add A New Family Member” via the drop-down box:  Select “Youth” and/or ADD “Adult.”
  • Youth: Denotes “Youth Members,” ages of 5–18, who want to join North Carolina 4-H. *Within their individual Youth Profile – a youth can denote if they serve as a volunteer.
  • Adult: Denotes “4-H Volunteers.” Please Note: Adult profiles in the 4HOnline system are for “4-H Volunteers.” – An adult profile should NOT be established for a parent or guardian.
  • NC 4-H recognizes that we have active youth volunteers who themselves are NOT members of 4-H. *Youth volunteers who are NOT members of 4-H should select “Adult” from the “Add A New Family Member” drop-down box and complete the application.

Want to Know More About Information Needed to Complete a Profile?

  • Youth Members: Families creating youth member profiles will be asked to select the youth’s school district and school. *Youth members who are homeschooled have the ability to enter the name of their homeschool group and denote “homeschool” from the drop-down menu.
  • Youth Members & Volunteers: Both youth member and volunteer Health Forms contain questions about general health issues and dietary restrictions.
  • Volunteers: 4-H Volunteers are required to complete a standardized Health form. This is a new state requirement that aligns with best practices within the 4-H program nationwide. 4-H Volunteers complete a component of their Volunteer Application through the 4HOnline system (reason for volunteering, employment history, etc.) HOWEVER, this system is NOT used to run *background checks. Please Note: All 4-H volunteers who work directly with youth in any unsupervised capacity (i.e., club leaders chaperones, etc.) are required to complete and pass a background check and have a current Volunteer Application on file with their local 4-H office.
  • It is recommended, but not required that you provide insurance policy information. This is needed in case of an accident.

What Happens If I Start a Family Profile And Don’t Complete It?

Once a Family Profile has been created and a “New Family Member” (Youth or Adult) has been added, that individual information will be auto-saved. If the profile is exited and or Internet connection is lost, you should be able to log back into the system and restart from where you left off. Please Note: Family member profiles are denoted in the 4HOnline system, and visible on your Family Profile page, as either Incomplete, Pending or Active. *Your 4-H Agent will contact you directly if you have an incomplete profile.

  • PLEASE – DO NOT SET UP MORE THAN 1 FAMILY PROFILE. If you need support with this process please don’t hesitate to contact your local 4-H office.
  • When you “submit” a youth or adult profile the information is sent directly to your local 4-H agent for review and approval. Once your profile has been reviewed and your local 4-H agent approves it within the system, you should receive an email notification (sent to the Family email address established during the account set-up).

Spanish Enrollment Documents

Spanish language enrollment in 4HOnline is not available at this time. Please go to our Procedures & Guidelines page to download Spanish language enrollment documents.

Re-Enrollment in 4HOnline

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NC 4-H logo imageRe-Enrollment Process

If you created a new family profile in the 4HOnline system during the previous program year – it is now time to update that record for the new programmatic year. Our program years begin January 1 of each year.

If you have not created a new family profile in the 4HOnline system – we ask that you take a few minutes and create your account, referencing the information above. This letter provides guidance on the 4HOnline enrollment/re-enrollment process.

For Families With an Existing 4HOnline Account

Login to your family profile, review, and update youth member/volunteer information as needed. The system will walk you through each of the required sections. Note: Some sections of the application must be completed annually while others just ask that you review areas for any needed changes. When you have updated all of the information click “Enroll for 2020-2021.” Your membership status will be updated and sent to your 4-H office for approval. The renewal process should only take a few minutes. Here’s the link to the 4HOnline system and a link to a “tip sheet” for the re-enrollment process.

For Families Who Do NOT Have an Existing 4HOnline Account

Please take a few minutes to create a family profile in the 4HOnline system. Read more about this above or using the links below.

 Important Information to Note

  • All member and volunteer information must be entered into the 4HOnline system for ACTIVE status to be granted.
  • Families who do not have access to the internet and/or access to an email account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) may use the paper enrollment forms. Please Note: The local 4-H program will manually add these paper enrollment forms directly into the 4HOnline system (e.g., University Protocol and Guidelines).
  • Any paper enrollment forms will not be official until entered into 4HOnline and given ACTIVE status.
  • You should only create one (1) family profile per household.
  • Be sure to write down the email address and password and keep in a secure place.
  • If you have a youth member who participates in more than one county 4-H program (for example – a youth may participate their local 4-H program and a neighboring county specialized program like livestock, etc.) please register your family profile in the county you deem primary. Your 4-H agent will be able to add a 2nd county to your profile.
  • PLEASE – DO NOT SET UP MORE THAN 1 FAMILY PROFILE. If you need support with this process please don’t hesitate to contact your local 4-H office.
  • The NC 4-H Youth Development program and 4HOnline work closely to monitor and ensure the highest level of protection for information stored on the system. The 4HOnline system was vetted by the university and meets all Information Safety policy requirements.


4HOnline is a web-based system used to enroll youth members and adult volunteers in the North Carolina 4-H Youth Development Program. 4HOnline is designed so that each family has an online family profile and every youth and volunteer has an individual profile under their family profile. 4HOnline is a fully integrated management system that brings together all levels of the 4-H experience. Whether it’s a member logging in to manage his or her record, a club leader printing mailing labels, or a county agent approving a member’s enrollment, 4HOnline brings the 4-H community together and keeps everyone involved. To access 4HOnline use this link: 4HOnline