Get Your Live Christmas Tree!

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It is great to live in Caldwell County. We are close to the mountains, there are several lakes we can boat and fish in, and we are in a world-class Christmas tree growing area.

We can easily make a quick trip up the mountain to get a tree from one of the choose and cut farms.

Christmas tree

The Cadillac of Christmas trees is the North Carolina Fraser fir.

If you are not sure where to find a choose and cut farm, just visit the NC Christmas Trees website. Besides listing choose and cut farms, the site also lists Christmas tree lots and wholesale farms. This site is maintained by the North Carolina Christmas Tree Growers Association.

However you get your Christmas tree, there are a few tips that will improve your live Christmas tree experience. Before bringing the tree inside the house, give it a really good shake. Shaking the tree will dislodge dead needles, pollen, and other debris from the tree. As a final step, look for any unwanted hitchhikers that may be on the tree. Occasionally, there may be a few little insect critters hiding in the tree.

Once you have shaken out the tree, use a saw to cut off the bottom half inch of the trunk. This is important because it improves the tree’s water uptake. A live Christmas tree can “drink” a gallon of water per day. After the first several days, trees will slow their uptake to a quart of water per day. It is important to not let the tree run out of water.

NC State University and N.C. Cooperative Extension have conducted studies to evaluate the effectiveness of Christmas tree preservatives. Jeff Owen, Area Specialized Forestry and Christmas Tree Agent, published a study evaluating seven commercial preservatives and two home remedies. His research demonstrated that plain tap water performs significantly better than any commercial product or home remedy.

This research agrees with studies that have been conducted at the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Caldwell County Center. The holidays are a special time of year. A live Christmas tree is a fun way to bring the family together.

Also, be sure to not overload electrical circuits. This applies for trees as well as any decorations that require electricity. And be sure to turn off lights before leaving home or going to bed.


If you don’t have room for a live tree, consider a wreath. These can be very fragrant.

If you have not put up your tree yet, there is still plenty of time to enjoy one. And just remember, a fresh cut, plenty of water, and a bit of common sense are all it takes to enjoy your North Carolina Fraser fir.