How to Start a Club

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Lyndsie Young of Davie County 4-H has compiled some information on how to start a new 4-H club.

In order to start a new club, it must consist of at least five enrolled youth members, ages 5-18. Clubs are guided by trained, adult volunteer leaders that are supported by the county 4-H Agent. Periodical volunteer trainings are held at a county level. It has a planned program that is ongoing throughout all or most of the year. (Some clubs take summers off.) Clubs will become chartered annually and are responsible for their finances.

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It will also be helpful to know more about 4-H terminology. 4-H frequently talks about “life skills.” They are indeed skills for life, like decision-making, responsibility, time management, goal-setting, public speaking, budgeting, cooperation, and so many others.

A 4-H “project” is youth-determined area of interest, usually related to STEM subjects, healthy living, agriculture or the arts. A project should be worked on for at least a year, because the member should set goals to master skills and have a greater understanding of the specific area. Then, he or she sets out to achieve them with the help of parents, guardians, mentors, or volunteers.

The project is worked on by engaging in hands-on activities and experiences related to that subject. Citizenship and leadership come into play with projects when youth apply the knowledge they’re gaining to teach others about the subject and apply knowledge from a project area in a way that helps others. Projects can also be a way to explore future careers.